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Best New CMS for 2016

I have recently completed a redesign of the front and back ends of BluCMS to bring it in to 2016!

Best CMS of 2016The new BluCMS gives the end user greater control over the CMS and greater control over their website content with a new family tree system, new way of adding images to pages and giving the website visitors a better overall experience on all platforms.

With so many CMS on the market right now, how does BluCMS stand out from the crowd. I can obviously talk about all of the technical features of BluCMS because I built it but as a normal man in the street, what features will help you decide if BluCMS is right for your business in 2016.

Picking the right CMS

Well right off the bat, BluCMS is probably the most simple CMS for the end user who has minimal experience editing and using any type of website software. In comparison to systems like Wordpress, with its University Degree level learning curve, BluCMS is a total breeze. I have clients using BluCMS that have no experience using any type of website editing software and have shown them the simple steps needed to keep on top of website content, upload images, add videos and even music to their own sites, again with no real experience at all. try doing that with a Wordpress site and youll quickly be found lacking in enthusiasm.

Granted BluCMS will not be voted Best CMS in 2016, but for my clients and customers, it has given them the gateway to something they never expected! Being able to actually control a website as easily as BluCMS has allowed. One of my recent clients had a Wordpress website for over 3 years. When she contacted me to redesign her site I asked her what issues she was having. She told me she simply had no clue what to do with Wordpress and no matter how many times her website design tried to help her learn how to add things to her site, update the pages and generally maintain the site, things would always go wrong! She is now using BluCMS and in her opinion it is the best CMS she has used. 

Getting BluCMS for your business is a simple and painless process. All you need to do is give me a big fat cheques and ill contact you in 5 years or so! Just kidding!! I design BluCMS around your exact abilities and needs and because it is tailored to your abilities, you wont feel intimidated by the system at any time. I remove the barriers that have prevented the average PC user from being able to spend time enjoying updating their website and letting their customers and clients see what new things are happening at their business - normally this is above the average PC or even Tablet user and the CMS they have installed as part of their website is way above their abilities.

Best CMS of 2016? Ill let you decide but for my clients i know what CMS they will pick..