Complete Bespoke Systems

I designs bespoke systems around my clients abilities and needs..

From touch screen user interfaces, to complete online games and apps!

Bespoke CMS

Bespoke CMS for your business

If you need more functionality from your website than a simple brochure or gallery system, I can build a custom website management system to suit your exact needs and design it to suit your abilities (a service you wont get from any company who uses Wordpress or any pre-made CMS as they did not build the core system, so it will never be built around YOUR abilities!).

I want you to be happy with your website and its management system so I will custom build the system to ensure you are able to use it in line with how well you are normally able to manage your own PC, tablet or smart phone.

I can provide bespoke CMS for almost any purpose from simple E-Commerce systems, to full on accounting systems and integrated booking systems and all based on YOUR abilities as a user!

I DON'T just build websites!

In the past I have built:

  • Large car showroom management systems
  • Property management and accounting systems
  • E-commerce and online payment systems
  • Bespoke office accounting and stock management systems
  • Touch screen user interfaces for Tablet & Smartphone
  • Multiplayer online games and puzzles for Facebook
  • Full 3d online adventure games with complex decision making Multiplayer AI for PC and Mac and Consoles

Let me know what you need. Im sure we can work together to build the right system for your exact needs!