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free websites for start up companies

Starting up a new business is a daunting and costly endeavour so we provide a free website package for your start up company - there are no design fees and no set up fees.

Your website will be a fully functional website that is responsive (mobile friendly) and search engine friendly so your company will be easily found on Google. If needed we can also write the home page of your website to ensure your website is ready to go as quickly as possible.

Small monthly fee

Your website will be set up and made live free of charge but we do require a small monthly maintenance fee to keep the website live and provide all the facilities you need such as email accounts, website hosting and off site SEO. The monthly fee for this services is only £18 per month.

What do you get for your monthly fee?

  • the domain name of your choice
  • hosting on one of our ultra fast servers
  • technical support to help you maintain your website
  • an email address using your domain name (eg
  • off site SEO to drive in links to your website

set up times are normally round 3 hours - you can see more in-depth details and examples on the WebXL page of our site or for more information please give us a call today on 01382 525 896.