Recent Website Projects

Serving the needs of small business owners since 2002..

web design on the Ipad

I have designed well over 200 websites for companies across the UK.

Below are around 100 of my most recent designs which all use my own inhouse web management system, BluCMS.

About BluCMS

I have been developing BluCMS for more than 10 years to allow my clients to manage and maintain their own websites. BluCMS is so simple to use that I guarantee that if you can point a mouse and type, you CAN control and maintain your own website..

website designed for Autodents

Bespoke responsive version of BluCMS for Autodents, local car repairs company. Services include responsive design, custom file upload and management system, SEO, hosting, photography.

website designed for Viperstrike Airsoft
Viperstrike Airsoft

Bespoke BluCMS for Viper Strike Airsoft in Dundee. Designed for Mobile first then converted responsively to Desktop and Tablet. Services include implementation of my new Responsive Family Tree type BluCMS, Photography, Complete Facebook Integration for live events, Optimisation for each page, Website Hosting, Email Hosting, Bespoke Paypal Booking System.

website designed for angela Bell Photography
angela Bell Photography

Bespoke Responsive BluCMS for a local photographer with private payment and viewing areas. Services include SEO, Domain Registration, Bespoke BluCMS, private client areas.

website designed for Morcant Designs Ltd
Morcant Designs Ltd

Bespoke Responsive BluCMS for a local sign maker. Site includes domain registration, extensive bespoke responsive design, copy writing, SEO and hosting.

website designed for Nutrition Communications - Carrie Ruxton
Nutrition Communications - Carrie Ruxton

Bespoke responsive BluCMS for Carrie Ruxton, TV Nutritionist and Writer. Site includes, photography, Bespoke Design using BluCMS, website hosting, SEO.

website designed for Tayside Machinery Ltd
Tayside Machinery Ltd

Leading international machinery sales company - the site is a bespoke fully responsive site product brochure system using BluCMS allowing Tayside Machinery to add aned edit all pages and content. Services including hosting, BluCMS responsive design, SEO of all products.

website designed for Westend Flooring & Altro Whiterock
Westend Flooring & Altro Whiterock

Custom responsive BluCMS. Services also include copy writing, SEO, Domain Management, Photography.

website designed for Waterflow Bathrooms
Waterflow Bathrooms

Stylsih Bespoke BluCMS brochure site which included photography, SEO, domain registration, website and email hosting

website designed for Web Security Systems
Web Security Systems

Bespoke brochure BluCMS including responsive design, photography services, email and web hosting, SEO and copywriting.

website designed for PS Ridgway
PS Ridgway

Custom design BluCMS for a national haulage company. Site includes bespoke BluCMS, hosting, domain registration, photography.

website designed for Discover Physiotherapy
Discover Physiotherapy

Custom designed BluCMS with responsive design. Services also include photography, SEO, domain registration, email hosting and website hosting.

website designed for Ancrum Autos
Ancrum Autos

Car Dealers website using my own in-house Automarket System. System includes bespoke car dealers system that allows total control over all vehicles, images and features. The Automarket is a favourite with car dealers in Tayside!

website designed for natural floor company
natural floor company

Large responsive BluCMS gallery and product listings. Designed to allows the client to show off galleries of work and product specifications. Site includes bespoke BluCMS, hosting, SEO, domain registration.

website designed for Universal Engineering Tools
Universal Engineering Tools

Bespoke Responsive BluCMS Brochure site for a local engineering tools suppliers. includes Product Photography, Domain Registration, Hosting, Email Accounts and SEO.

website designed for RA Joinery
RA Joinery

A stylish BluCMS responsive design for a national joinery company. Site includes custom responsive BluCMS, hosting, domain registration, photography and SEO.

website designed for AC Precision Engineering
AC Precision Engineering

Custom website brochure designed using BluCMS. Includes custom responsive design, photography, SEO, hosting and domain registration.

website designed for AFDSL

Bespoke responsive BluCMS includes customer log in system to allow secure download of schematics and PDFs and bespoke blog system. Site includes SEO, domain registration, email and web hosting.

website designed for Kevin Pirie & Son
Kevin Pirie & Son

Bespoke site using BluCMS which now includes the responsive mobile version of BluCMS. This site includes domain registration, photography and SEO plus of course a custom design.

website designed for DieMax Engineering
DieMax Engineering

Bespoke Brochure style website which includes my custom CMS, Photography and SEO.

website designed for Industrial Services
Industrial Services

Bespoke responsive catalogue website designed around BluCMS. Site includes unlimited family tree system with product pages at the end of each branch. Services also include CMS, Hosting, SEO

website designed for Floor Store Dundee
Floor Store Dundee

An elegant site for The Floor Store in Dundee - includes BluCMS with responsive design, Photography, SEO, domain registration and hosting.

website designed for Alan Robb
Alan Robb

Bespoke responsive website for Artist Alan Robb. Includes BluCMS redesigned to suit Alan's needs with custom gallery systems throughout the site. I also provide domain registration, hosting and SEO.

website designed for Plaster Master
Plaster Master

A custom designed responsive brochure CMS with slideshow and gallery systems built in.

website designed for BRADMAC Garage Equipment
BRADMAC Garage Equipment

A bespoke version of BluCMS for an international supplier of garage equipment. The site includes responsive design, hosting, domain registration and SEO plus bespoke products gallery system.

website designed for Roof Master
Roof Master

A responsive design for a local flat roof repair company. Includes BluCMS, hosting, domain registration and SEO.

website designed for Response Physiotherapy
Response Physiotherapy

An elegant stylish design for a local physiotherapist. Site includes Basic BluCMS, separate Mobile design, copy-writing, supply of stock photos, SEO, hosting and domain registration.

website designed for Arboscape

A custom designed brochure CMS with slideshow and gallery systems built in.

website designed for Richmond Apartments
Richmond Apartments

Bespoke CMS to advertise local luxury serviced apartments. I also provided the photography for this website.

website designed for Dundee Citizens Advise Bureau
Dundee Citizens Advise Bureau

A custom designed CMS for the Dundee Citizens Advice Bureau. 2 level menu system allows unlimited pages and content plus they have the Google translate incorporated in to the design.

website designed for SP Technology
SP Technology

Extensive custom design CMS with a 3 level menu and category system.

website designed for CARMICHAEL & BAXTER

Custom design based on BluCMS. Responsive design for all devices from mobiles to desktops. Includes hosting, design, SEO, photography.

website designed for McBride Builders
McBride Builders

Custom Designed CMS with Domain Registration, hosting and SEO.

website designed for CPD Training Solutions (Scotland) Limited
CPD Training Solutions (Scotland) Limited

Bespoke CMS System with extensive categories and family tree structure. Included stock images, SEO, CMS, hosting, domain registration.

website designed for LORAMANA FLOWERS

An elegant design for Loramana Flowers in Dundee. Includes bespoke design, photography, domain registration, SEO and hosting.

website designed for Chamber East
Chamber East

A custom design based on my CMS with added features such as blog and news. I also provided photography and SEO for this site.

website designed for MY-KBB

A custom built CMS for MY-KBB. includes the BluCMS (customised to suit their needs), domain registration, hosting and SEO.

website designed for Moffat Williamson
Moffat Williamson

A bespoke CMS for one of Scotlands largest bus companies. Services also include photography, domain management, SEO and hosting.

website designed for Paterson SCS
Paterson SCS

A custom designed site for Paterson Specialist Cleaners in Fife. Includes SEO, domain registration and my custom CMS built in.

website designed for C & K Communications
C & K Communications

A custom designed stylish website includes cool design, and active content. 

website designed for Agri-Culture-Africa

A custom built site based on the new 1.6 BluCMS. Includes a family tree structured categories system

website designed for Watson Plumbing and Heating
Watson Plumbing and Heating

A bespoke Brochure CMS for a local plumbers. Includes SEO, BluCMS and Stock Photographs

website designed for Signals Driver Training
Signals Driver Training

A custom designed brochure website for local driving instructors, Signals Driver training. Included a photo shoot and SEO content writing.

website designed for Cambusmichael Cottages
Cambusmichael Cottages

Simple to use CMS with photography and SEO.

website designed for UniverCity Taxis
UniverCity Taxis

A custom designed CMS specifically for UCTT. Includes bespoke CMS, extensive Trips listing pages, integrated payment gateways, extensive ordering system and simple to use CMS for the company to manage all the trips they offer.

website designed for Discovery Aquatics
Discovery Aquatics

Extended CMS for Discovery Aquatics in Dundee who are one of Scotlands largest independant suppliers of freshwater and saltwater aquarium supplies and fish stock. Site includes members area gallery system for customers to show off their fish tanks and fish!

website designed for Hounds Hotel
Hounds Hotel

Simple CMS site for a local boarding kennel. Site includes SEO, photography, domain registration and hosting.

website designed for Party Wizard
Party Wizard

A brochure CMS website for a local fancy dress supplier. Includes hosting SEO, custom design and product photography.

website designed for A Thomson Landscapes
A Thomson Landscapes

 Brochure website to show the services of a local Landscaping Business. Includes SEO, Hosting and Domain Registration

website designed for Atholl Glen Home Improvements
Atholl Glen Home Improvements

A custom designed CMS website for a local home improvements company, Atholl Glen. Site includes CMS, Domain registration and website hosting

website designed for AMCO Engineering
AMCO Engineering

A custom design based on Blue CMS v6. Includes a family tree structured page and category system

website designed for Safetay Electrical Testing
Safetay Electrical Testing

Brochure styled website for a local PAT testing company.

website designed for Dundee Motorcycle Training
Dundee Motorcycle Training

WebXL Site for Dundee Motorcycle Training.

website designed for ALBA Painters and Decorators
ALBA Painters and Decorators

A WebXL site based on our CMS WebXL. See WebXL for more details. Simple effective, affordable websites.

website designed for Jimackie Pet Services
Jimackie Pet Services

A WebXL site - simple effective and affordable

website designed for Websters Driving School
Websters Driving School

A simple CMS for a local driving school. Includes slideshow, domain registration.

website designed for MEC Engineering
MEC Engineering

simple CMS with slideshow. Services also include domain registration, SEO and Hosting

website designed for Club Cruiser
Club Cruiser

A custom design CMS with JQuery slide show, SEO and bespoke editing system.

website designed for Hilltown Market
Hilltown Market

A very simple CMS system for the Hilltown Market. Includes photography, SEO and domain registration.

website designed for Penlea Consultants
Penlea Consultants

A simple to manage CMS for Penlea Consultants in Aberdeen. Site includes hosting CMS and SEO.

website designed for S and J Surfaces
S and J Surfaces

S and J provide worktops and surfaces made of composite materials for use in almost any situation where traditional granite would normally be used. Website includes custom CMS with gallery system.

website designed for Aboukir Hotel
Aboukir Hotel

Simple yet stylish website with bespoke CMS. I also provided all photography for this website.

website designed for Tranquilla

Basic CMS for a local physiotherapist. Site includes custom CMS and bespoke design.

website designed for Phone Expert
Phone Expert

No CMS for this site. This site is specifically a SEO website for a mobile phone shop in Dunfermline.

website designed for Garden Landscape Company
Garden Landscape Company

This is the third design for the GLC. We have addapted the site to suit the changes in the business and also adjusted the backend facilities to suit the exact needs of the client.

website designed for B & T Autos
B & T Autos

A simple yet effective 5 page website for a local MOT Garage.

website designed for The Auto Market
The Auto Market

The Automarket is a website designed to advertise multiple car dealers across Tayside and Fife. The site is a hub of cars for sales across the area and is managed inhouse at Barrys Web Design.

website designed for Express Laundry
Express Laundry

A simple yet effective 5 page website for a local cleaning and laundry company.

website designed for Motor Land
Motor Land

Complete custom Online Car Showroom system.

website designed for Duncan Signs
Duncan Signs

A complete custom designed CMS system with extensive gallery systems and unlimited content.

website designed for RB Communications
RB Communications

Bespoke CMS system to advertise products without the need for online sales.

website designed for Steven Higginson
Steven Higginson

Bespoke system designed just for Steven Higginson, a local artist. System includes extended gallery and CMS system.

website designed for Tay Cars
Tay Cars

Custom designed CMS for car dealers. This is the basic version of the Full on Showroom CMS.

website designed for Peter McGuire Contracts
Peter McGuire Contracts

One of the first complete CMS systems I designed in 2004 - still working 100% as expected

website designed for PD Cars
PD Cars

Custom designed CMS for car dealers. This is the basic version of the Full on Showroom CMS.

website designed for Specialized Fitness Consultants
Specialized Fitness Consultants

A WebXL site for Specfit - Simple Effective.

website designed for Hummingbird Beauty
Hummingbird Beauty

A simple site with basic CMS.

website designed for North Engineering
North Engineering

Simple website system with NO CMS.

website designed for Mr Mobile
Mr Mobile

Custom CMS system with styling design. Please see CK Communications site for details.

website designed for Safety HEART
Safety HEART

Custom designed site to allow the client to advertise their training courses. Includes online payments and bookings.

website designed for Magna Dry
Magna Dry

Simple to manage website editing system allowing for unlimited pages and content.

website designed for Bladez Salon
Bladez Salon

A simple CMS with unlimited pages and content. I also provided photography for Bladez

website designed for East Coast Combustion
East Coast Combustion

A simple yet effective site - no CMS here, just SEO and design.

website designed for The Ship Inn
The Ship Inn

Custom CMS with extended categorised menus and gallery.

website designed for Volpi and Sons
Volpi and Sons

Bespoke CMS with bilingual page system. Pages presented according to the language selected.

website designed for hathaway lane
hathaway lane

Simple yet effective site - basic CMS and Logo design

website designed for Golf Vision
Golf Vision

A bespoke design for golf trips and advertising the local areas facilities.

website designed for The Shieling
The Shieling

A simple small website for a holiday home. Simple CMS design and photography services included with the site.

website designed for Grouchos Music Store
Grouchos Music Store

Dundee's longest established and most popular music shop. If you live in Dundee, you cant miss Groucho's. I was asked by the owner to design a simple to use site that can be updated on a regular basis. I design a simple to use CMS which he quickly took control of and had masses of content on.

website designed for Golf City Taxis
Golf City Taxis

A small CMS site for a St Andrew Taxi Company. Simple yet very effective.

website designed for The Natural Energy Company
The Natural Energy Company

Extensive CMS system allowing unlimited expansion of this site. Includes a 3 level category system, blog and extended dynamic menus.

website designed for Engine Resource
Engine Resource

Simple small CMS and site

website designed for Dudhope Coachworks
Dudhope Coachworks

Simple yet effective site with custom CMS and SEO

website designed for Blairdene Guest House
Blairdene Guest House

A simple basic website design for the Blairdene Guest House in Arbroath. The design allows for unlimited pages as the menu is down the left side of the page.

website designed for David Duncan Solicitors
David Duncan Solicitors

Simple yet effective site with custom CMS.Hosting

website designed for Benarty Funeral Directors
Benarty Funeral Directors

Basic CMS site for a Fife based funera director. Incldeus 4 pages of information and an enquiries section.

website designed for Scotwood Properties
Scotwood Properties

A simple to use property management system allowing the client to advertise their properties online and take direct enquiries from each property.

website designed for Atholbank

Basic CMS site with gallery

website designed for The Ashton
The Ashton

Basic CMS site with gallery

website designed for P and H Autos
P and H Autos

Basic CMS site