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How to create evergreen content for my website

How to write Evergreen Content

When looking to write content for your website or blog, allot of the time you will be looking for content that will last, so I'm going to give you an insight on how to create evergreen content for your website. Evergreen content is great for getting people back to your pages to read such things as:

  • Tutorials
  • Check Lists
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Industry Resources
  • How to articles
  • Testimonials
  • Marketing tips and guides
  • Recipes
  • SEO and Website Optimisation tips
  • Gaming Guides

And so much more!

What to write about in evergreen articles

As a website designer and software developer, I make tools that are going to be used for many years to come and will only change slightly so writing an evergreen blog post about these tools is a great way to introduce my tools while optimising a page for long terms results.

My free online job quoting tool is a great example of this. The job quoting tool will rarely change, it stores no information and produces handy free job quotes for small businesses. The tool its self uses nominal resources and so costs me pretty much nothing to host on one of my servers. Writing an article about this will be a 1 trip horse. The article will then be a great way to utilise the evergreen approach to the article.

Another great way to write an evergreen blog post is to answer common questions about a business, product or industry. As an example you could write an evergreen blog by giving step by step instructions about anything from baking cakes, to how dismantle and rebuild a guitar.

How to write an evergreen instruction article

If you are looking to write and evergreen instruction page, the layout of the page should guide the reader through the process like this (as a general rule):

  • Introduce the subject
  • Tell why it is beneficial
  • Show a list of instructions
  • Write the in depth instructions

This approach to laying out your evergreen pages will let people see a common theme and so they will know what to expect from your page before they read it. This will be a good way to retain visitors interest and will also quickly and easily guide them through the page to the task completion. Also as a general rule, when I write article or blog posts, I like to add a simple call to action at the bottom. Asking people for feedback or to share your articles is a great wat to encourage people to interact with you and your content.

How to write an evergreen FAQ Page

If you provide a service that is quite static in its nature yet you get allot of enquiries asking what you consider to be general questions, you should write an FAQ page. Adding an FAQ page to your website will save you time as you wont need to keep answering the same questions over and over. You should of course edit the content when and if needed, but as an example of an evergreen page, the FAQ page is perfect.

The FAQ page of your website can also be used as a good SEO tool as you can utilise the headings to add optimised heading which lead in to optimised and contextual paragraphs of information, infographics and how to videos. Infact, as an evergreen page on your website, the FAQ page is an excellent example.

Writing Checklist as evergreen pages

Adding a checklist as an evergreen page is a great way to utilise the method to bring people back to your website. Adding a checklist evergreen page will encourage people to bookmark and share your page and in turn will optimise the page as it becomes more popular.

As with the instructions article evergreen page, keeping a common theme and layout to your page will also make the page a familiar experience for your readers and encourage them to come back and share your content.

So what type of evergreen works for you?

If you are thinking about writing evergreen content for your website you should try to add something that is constantly useful for the reader. Maybe you have written an easy to follow guide that you know will help people in your industry work better or perform more efficiently, or maybe you are looking to bust some industry myths. The key factors to consider when creating evergreen content is to write for the readers benefit, while also writing to show the search engines that your content is authoritative. Don't be afraid to link to outside sources of information about the subject of the article and do ask your readers for feedback. If your use social media, ask the readers to share your evergreen article on their pages as well.

In conclusion

Writing evergreen content for your website will allow people to see that you are trying to engage with them in a useful way and will show the search engines that you are sharing content that is of long term benefit to your visitors. This will help you with search engine rankings and ultimately bring more people to your website.

If you would like to share this article about how to How to create evergreen content for my website, please feel free. You can also ask me any questions on my facebook page (see the link in the footer of this page).

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